Bravo’s NJ Housewives Premiere: 6/2/13 Live Blog

Live Blogging In Full Effect!

And it begins. 8:01pm

Startin With Hurricane Sandy! Seaside Heights…. right at home. 8:02pm

Unbelievable damage to the Gorgas and Giudices. 8:06pm

Aw, Teresa in denial. 8:06pm

Love Joe Gorga. “I got you, babe. That’s all I need.” 8:07pm

Jerkhead is my new favorite word. 8:08pm

Milania is a lot more well-behaved than last season. 8:10pm

Ouch! The Fans are passionate tonight! 8:12pm

It has to be unbelievably difficult for Jacqueline. I don’t know how she does it with her son. 8:16pm

Rosie’ back! Not feelin’ the scarf and hair on her, but love her blunt mouth as always. 8:19pm

Oh, Gia… butt out and let your little sister have a moment. 8:22pm

Caroline, I love you, but I think you picked Hoboken for some Albie/Chris time too. It’s okay to hold on lol. 8:27pm

I love this text war high school crap. And, Joe Giudice is so constructive with his input. 8:30pm

Even Caroline thinks it’s childish. 8:31pm

Well, it’s official. Jacqueline doesn’t bleach her assh-le. 8:33pm

Teresa, tell me you didn’t just involve Gia and let her text Melissa. 8:36pm

Wendy Williams, I Love You!

Milania’s right about the drama queen thing. 8:44pm

If anyone really stuck to their own business, there would be no show. 8:45pm

Teresa – I’m not fake. 8:47pm

Teresa’s actually being pretty mature right this second. Nice gesture. 8:51pm

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Bravo’s NJ Housewives Premiere: Top 10 Highlights

New Jersey Housewives are in the house on Bravo. Find out about Teresa Giudice, Jacqueline Laurita, Melissa Gorga, Kathy Wakile, and Caroline Manzo rockin' NJ!

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Drinking word of the day is “birthday”. 11:01pm

Teresa’s shore house is almost finished. 11:02pm

Joe shouldn’t say horsey face in front of his kids. Ridiculous. 11:02pm

Teresa’s Tan. Me gusta. 11:05pm

Scenes from next week show that Dina and Caroline haven’t fixed anything. 11:09pm

Trial date for Joe Giudice in July…. Lovin’ Andy’s attorney fakeout. 11:09pm

Teresa can flip a dude. 11:10pm

Lickety Lick Teresa. 11:11pm

Three nice things about Caroline…. good wife, good mother, and gives good advice. Wow, good job Teresa. 11:18pm

Andy read my mind.

Happy Birthday, Andy! 11:19pm

Loving the Yiddish talk. 11:20pm

Schvitzing. 11:22pm

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