Rihanna Gets Restraining Order Against Psycho Fan


(Getty images)

Just this Thursday, a stalker-like fan went a little too far when he got caught sneaking around Rihanna’s personal property in Pacific Palisades, California. The Huffington Post reports the intruder actually trespassed at Rihanna’s neighbor’s home, not hers. However, he only did so because he thought it was Rihanna’s! The trespassers name is Steveland Barrow, and he was arrested at the scene of the crime. As a result, Rihanna reportedly told sources that she did not feel safe in her surroundings (especially since the perpetrator has been let out on bail since his arrest that day), and demanded a restraining order right away. TMZ.com reports that the singer has been granted a 3-year order from the man. Maybe Rihanna’s next hit single should be called “stay away”.

Check out this video of the news:


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At least the singer has her Diamond Tour to keep her mind more on music and less on drama. Good thing for Diamonds, right RiRi?

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