Tony Soprano’s 10 Greatest Moments Ever

The Soprano’s was the greatest television drama ever created – not The Wire, Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones. Sorry. Just earlier this month it was named by the Writer’s Guild of America at the top of their 100 best list.

The reason for that is because before David Chase brought his New Jersey mob family to HBO, television dramas were good but they weren’t the epic sagas that they’ve come to be today. The Sopranos ushered that in with its novel worthy characters and commitment to in-depth story.

With the untimely passing of its most notable character, Tony Soprano, now is a time for fans to look back at one of the most complex characters to ever grace the small screen. These are Tony Soprano’s 10 greatest moments.

Perhaps one of the best episodes of the series was “College” the fifth episode of the first season, in which Tony takes daughter Meadow to visit schools. During his trip he encounters a rat and stalks him throughout the college visit, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. It’s a scene that paints for viewers the full picture of Tony Soprano – a loving father, but at the same time a cold-blooded killer who rules with a ruthless power.

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