VIDEO: Did Will Smith Make Out With Son Jaden Smith?

Actor Will Smith and 14-year old son Jaden Smith share a strange lip-lock during an interview with The Woody Show. After a conversation involving family intimacy, the interviewer asked Will if he had ever kissed his son on Thai television before. Like a true “Prince”, the I am Legend star replied:

I could kiss my son, let me kiss my son…

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And reached out to grab Jaden’s face, which ended in an undeniably romantic 0.5 seconds between the father and son. Despite a bashful Jaden trying to wriggle from his father’s playful grip, there was definitely some lip on lip action! Jaden’s reaction sounded something like this:

That was so low! That was so low!

No wonder he’s trying to get away from the family!

Jaden Smith Wants Emancipation for His 15th Birthday

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That… amidst some other noises and grunts expressing his disgust. Check out the hilarious footage we saw first on Huffingtonpost.com!

WATCH: Will & Jaden Smith Do Fresh Prince Rap With DJ Jazzy Jeff and Carlton Banks in Tow

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