The Top 10 Sex Scenes of All Time


One monumental challenge in an actor’s career is mastering the sex scene. It is awkward and demanding to convincingly simulate the act of love — or just flat-out lust.

Anyway, these may not be the “best” sex scenes of all times, but they’re sure as hell timeless. Now, be gentle — because there’s nothing like losing your virginity to watching your very first movie sex scene. Caution: Dangerous curves ahead.

1. Showgirls

Watch and learn as Josh Hartnett’s character gets a girl off with some flowers. I guess when you’re depriving yourself of sex for Lent, you have to get creative…

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  1. ew omg this is just f*cking lesbian the first few vids im mean come on! who in the world would watch two girls licking each others f*cking p******! even my brother who i showed this doesnt like this this sucks freaking b*lls!!!!!!!!!???!!!!