Beth Chapman, Wife of “Dog The Bounty Hunter”, Arrest Warrant Issued

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It looks like Beth Chapman is on the other side of the law this time. Wife to Duane Capman, aka Dog The Bounty Hunter, Beth has a warrant out for her arrest. But, what did our beloved Beth do to deserve this?

According to Radar Online, Beth was nearly run over by wreckless, teens with guns and then cursed at after the incident at Monument Lake in Monument, Colorado. Apparently, the altercation occurred on July 10th and Beth is not pleased by the police’s reaction.

It’s outrageous that police resources would be wasted on such a ridiculous incident.

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Beth then gave Radar the run-down of what happened.

This guy came over to me while I was out of my car and started saying, ‘We’re big fans and we want autographs and photos’. I wanted him to get away because as he was talking to me he had one hand on his firearm. I called Duane because the guy had a gun. Duane was down at the lake fishing. He came up and told them to get out of here. We then called the cops on the guy with the gun, gathered our stuff and split. We aren’t going to have our kids someplace where there are firearms.

Beth Chapman, Duane Chapman, Beth & Dog On The Hunt, Dog The Bounty Hunter, The Bounty Hunter, Warrant, Arrest, Bail, Bondsman, Chapman & Chapman, Hawaii, Colorado, Misdemeanor, Harassment, Run Over


What made Beth extra nervous was that she and Dog were with their children Gary, Bonnie, Cecily, and other members of the family, including their grandson.

So, how did Beth get in trouble. Well, a teenage girl complained that Beth spoke rudely to her, so a warrant has been issued for misdemeanor harrassment. How ridiculous is that?!

My husband and I were there with our family, including very young children, when a young woman in a car with a male driver came speeding dangerously close to where I was walking my dog and to where my children were standing. The passenger emerged from the vehicle — she was young and dressed inappropriately, drinking beer … and obviously out for a good time. I told her and the driver, “You need to slow down or I will call the cops.

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Beth then explained the teen girl’s reaction.

She began to laugh and smirk and then told me, ‘These cops won’t do anything!’ I told her if they didn’t slow down, I’d call anyway. I didn’t like the way they recklessly drove their automobile with young children nearby who could have been seriously injured. I didn’t like the way she was scantily dressed flaunting her almost naked appearance in the presence of my young kids

Allegedly, the young girl and her friend were each holding beer cans, so Beth suspects they were under the influence. She then adds:

The only thing this girl got was a tongue lashing that her mother should have given her before she left the house that day in her Daisy Dukes with her butt cheeks hanging out. Embarrassed? Possibly. But harassed? NOT.

Apparently, the charge on Beth is equal to that of a parking ticket, but because the police have been unable to reach her, they’ve had to issue an arrest warrant.

Don’t worry, Beth! We’re Bounty Hunter fans!

Beth and husband Duane currently star on CMT’s TV show ‘Beth & Dog On The Hunt’.

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