Bill Murray Gets Bloody With Melissa McCarthy [Photos]

Don’t worry, Ladies and Gentlemen Bill Murray is okay and just playing a role alongside co-star Melissa McCarthy for the film ‘St. Vincent de Van Nuys’.

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The movie is currently filming in Brooklyn, New York. A hot-headed Veteran neighbor (Bill Murray) is put in charge of watching a single mother’s (Melissa McCarthy) 12-year-old son. In addition, Naomi Watts plays a prostitute in the film and McCarthy’s ‘Bridesmaids’ co-star Chris O’Dowd stars in the movie as well.

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Stevie Wonder Boycotts Florida Over Zimmerman Verdict [Video]

Watch Stevie Wonder boycott Florida performances unless the "stand your ground" law is abolished due to the shooting of Trayvon Martin & the Zimmerman verdict.

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Kim Kardashian Out of Hiding With Baby North West: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kim Kardashian was spotted with baby North West this week. Check out our 5 Fast Facts on Kim's appearance, what on-lookers saw, & how she tried to avoid paps.

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