Johnny Depp Brings Tanking ‘Lone Ranger’ to Japan

Johnny Depp, Tonto, The Lone Ranger, Bomb, Box Office, Japan

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Okay, so we’re not really talking about an actual bomb. We’re talking about Johnny Depp’s film ‘Lone Ranger’, which bombed at the box office. According to Yahoo! Movies, any improvement at the box office is just not going to help cover what was spent on the film.

To recoup that huge production budget – and the cost of a major marketing campaign – it would have to overperform abroad. Even with Depp, one of the world’s most bankable box-office stars, that’s an extremely long shot because Westerns don’t normally play strongly overseas.

Yikes! So, Johnny Depp better cross all his fingers and toes as his movie heads to Japan! Let’s pray they haven’t read any of America’s reviews.

On WebPro News, one review read:

Overall, the film is a complete flop with critics who are certainly eager to tear it to shreds. One can only hope that Disney might take to the lesson from this film and learn to properly re-imagine classic, beloved characters and stories without completely destroying them in an attempt to milk them for all they are worth.


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