Nelly Disses Kobe Bryant on ESPN First Take Calling Him ‘Spoiled Child’

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It looks like Kobe Bryant is ahead of schedule as he recovers in rehab after his Achilles tear. But, as Kobe heals, will he be able to combat Nelly who took over ESPN First Take today with his negative comments about Kobe.

Take a look at the tweets from ESPN First Take about rapper Nelly calling Kobe a “spoiled child”, amongst other things.

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In the wake of Nelly’s comments, fans of Kobe’s and fans of Nelly’s have taken to Twitter as well on behalf of each star.

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Some of Kobe Bryant’s fans are less than pleased.

On the other hand, Nelly has a lot of supporters too.

Nelly himself also took it upon himself to address the controversy that has arisen as a result of what he said about Kobe Bryant on ESPN First Take.

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