Nicki Minaj Puts Her Hands ALL Over Strippers [PHOTOS]

Nicki Minaj


Last night, Nicki Minaj along with rappers Meek Mill and Maino were stopped at a Perfection Gentleman’s club — where Nicki put her hands all over the strippers’ booties! TMZ reports Nicki broke all the strip club rules when she got up on stage and even started grinding with the dance girls.

Check out the super racy Instagram photos of her night below.

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Nicki Minaj


This diva has no shame…

Nicki Minaj


Looks like Nicki had a good night!

That’s when the rap star diva tweeted this:

And then this, only a few sobering hours later!

And just whose fault might that be? Fans have a mouthful to say for that!

Better be good, Nicki!

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