Paris Jackson Rejected By Rehab Center

Paris Jackson


Following her recent suicide attempt, Paris Jackson requested to be moved from UCLA Medical Center to a different rehab facility. However, her request was recently denied. Apparently, a fear of nosey paparazzi is to blame … but surprisingly not on Paris’ end! According to TMZ, the desired rehab center located in Utah fears that moving locations would create unwanted paparazzi attention for not only Paris, but other patients within the hospital!

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So, how is Paris handling it?

Just last week it was made known that many of Paris’ struggles began with cyber-bullying on Facebook.

Paris Jackson Suicide Attempt: She Was Destroyed by Facebook Bullying

Paris Jackson fell victim to cyber-bullying on Facebook. She deleted her Instagram, but sunk into a depression where she attempted suicide. Find out more here.

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No one wants to feel rejected by their peers, but poor Paris’ problem was just that. An inside source even told TMZ:

Paris has taken the comments very personally… they destroyed her.

The source also told TMZ that her cutting was directly a result of the internet bullying. It seems like Paris has been hanging by a thread all this time. And, now with this new issue, it seems the troubled teen must face another rejection.

Hopefully, the rehab center’s decision to protect its patients won’t cause Paris to take any steps backwards!

Paris Jackson Awaits Months of Therapy

Paris Jackson remains in the hospital after her recent suicide attempt, and doctors say she will need months of therapy before she can be released again.

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