Royal Baby BOY is Born: Top 10 Celebrity Tweets

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Celebrities across the board are responding to the birth of a baby boy for Kate Middleton and Prince William. Check out our Top 10 Celebrity Tweets from Mia Farrow, Jeff Daniels, Josh Groban, Ellen Page, and more!

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Kate Middleton Has Royal Baby Boy!

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has given birth to a Royal baby boy, alongside her husband Prince William.

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Meet ‘Mrs. Pawn Star’ — 10 Photos of Rick Harrison’s New Wife, DeAnna Burditt

DeAnna Burditt tied the knot with Pawn Stars' big guy Rick Harrison. Check out these ten photos from the wedding, the two of them together, and celebrities congratulating the happy couple.

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RIP, Dennis Farina: Top 10 Celebrity Tweets

Dennis Farina from Law & Order has died. Celebrities have reacted to the actor's passing via Twitter. Check out tweets from Ashton Kutcher, Seth Meyers, & more.

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