WARNING: ‘The Conjuring’ Could Scare You to Death … Bring a Priest

Are you ready for the horror movie of a lifetime? The Conjuring comes out in theaters today, July 19, 2013. Do YOU have the guts to go see it?

‘The Conjuring’ Warning: 15 Photos of Terrified Twitter Reactions

The Conjuring is so scary, Twitter is getting flooded by terrified viewers. Check out some of these scary & hilarious reactions to the horror flick.

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Fans are scared out of their minds! Look what they had to say:

the conjuring warning priest movie trailer

Share if you dare.

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Here’s a movie checklist you must consider before going to see it:

And get this, there’s even a written warning for viewers being issued. Check it out below, via @_ItsPebbles_:

the conjuring warning priest

Quick, close your eyes!

the conjuring warning priest

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After nine years since the last "Child's Play" installment, the official trailer for "Curse of Chucky" was released on Monday.

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Report: ‘The Conjuring’ Sequel Already Under Way

As audiences rave about the terrifying horror film "The Conjuring," word of an upcoming sequel has already leaked.

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