Kenny Ortega: ‘Michael Jackson Is Responsible For His Own Death’

Kenny Ortega


TMZ reports Kenny Ortega, Michael Jackson’s former musical producer, has some very interesting things to say about the pop star’s death.

In Michael’s wrongful death trial that took place just this morning, Ortega testified saying:

I don’t think he was being very responsible.

He told the court he thought Michael was totally in charge of his well-being, and worked closely with Dr. Conrad to ensure the star’s health was in check. Basically, he thinks Michael was equally responsible for his own life as any doctor he was involved with at the time.

Pass on what Orteag says about Michael Jackson's death.

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That, along with what Michael’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe has previously testified about his death — that he was a raging drug addict, leads to much skepticism about who was really responsible for Michael’s life … and death


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