WATCH: Lady Gaga & Cher’s New Song ‘The Greatest Thing’ Leaked [VIDEO]

Cher’s song with Lady Gaga titled ‘The Greatest Thing’ has leaked online and it was not a song that Lady Gaga was crazy about. Apparently Cher tweeted back in June that Lady Gaga was not a fan of the final product, so it wouldn’t be released and Cher was quite disappointed.

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Well, it looks like Cher should be happy that the world can her ‘The Greatest Thing’. Now, the question is … Does the song live up to its name?

Lady Gaga Drops New Single ‘Applause’ After Online Song Leak [AUDIO]

Lady Gaga has done damage control on Twitter as her new single Applause was leaked online over the weekend. Check out the full audio of the new song right here!

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One Direction Song Leaked: Just Can’t Let Her Go [VIDEO]

One Direction's song "Just Can't Let Her Go" has leaked online. Yet another leak for the band. Check out the lyrics and video here.

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