Lady Gaga Drops New Single ‘Applause’ After Online Song Leak [AUDIO]

After an online leak over the weekend, Lady Gaga has dropped her new single in surrender to the hackers who just couldn’t wait for Gaga’s new awesome beats.

Reminiscent of a dark 80’s dance hit, it’s a seriously awesome song that’s going to be a hit as soon as you hear it. Listen to the full song below.

Love it, Gaga! Keep ’em comin’!

If you love Gaga's new single, spread the news for her!

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Lady Gaga’s PAWS Countdown for ‘Applause’ Rules Twitter

Lady Gaga has started a new trend on Twitter. She wants followers to take pics of their "paws" as they count down the days until her single release 'Applause'.

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One Direction Song Leaked: Just Can’t Let Her Go [VIDEO]

One Direction's song "Just Can't Let Her Go" has leaked online. Yet another leak for the band. Check out the lyrics and video here.

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The Wanted Wants You to Buy We Own The Night, New Single [VIDEO]

The Wanted has a new single called We Own The Night and it's pretty awesome. Twitter followers and fans are rallying for the song to hit number one on iTunes.

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