PHOTO: Rihanna Spreads Legs in Sexy Crystal Bikini on Instagram



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Above is the racy Instagram photo Rihanna posted after one of her sexy photo shoots in Barbados. She poses in a car with her legs open, wearing — well, almost nothing.

Instagram Snapshot: Rihanna’s Hottest Instagram Photos

Good girls take photos of their kittens. Bad girls take Instagram photos of themselves smoking blunts on yachts. Rihanna is the later.

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But, hey who’s complaining?! Not us …

Definitely not RiRi’s fans.

Rihanna: 30 Sexiest Twitter Pics

Rihanna is one of the sexiest women on the planet and we have the Twitter pics to prove it. Hold onto your seats. It may get really hot in here.

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PHOTO: Rihanna’s Rock Star Bikini Body on Instagram

Rihanna's bikini-clad booty has graced her Instagram and Twitter once again. We all thank her and her "rock star" body.

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