Simon Cowell Hands His $15 Million Mansion To Lauren Silverman

Simon Cowell


Amidst a dirty divorce with her soon-to-be ex-husband Andrew Silverman, Simon’s baby mama Lauren Silverman gets a surprise she didn’t expect. Radar Online reports, proud father Simon Cowell wants to give his upcoming baby everything he has. He wants to provide for the baby and, most importantly put a roof over it’s head. Little did he know that included mama Silverman and grandma Silverman, as well… The source reports, Cowell plans to let Lauren, the baby, and Lauren’s mother Carole Saland live in his 7,265 sq. ft. mansion in Beverly Hills.

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But, if Simon keeps it up he’ll have no more houses to give! An inside source said:

Simon has lots of housing in Beverly Hills all close to each other, and now lots of them contain his exes — he doesn’t seem to mind that he could bump into them at any time — but the rate he is going, he may need to buy some more.

Let’s hope Simon decides to stick with Lauren and stop giving away his houses! Meanwhile, the ex he has to worry about bumping into most is not even his own… As the source reports, Lauren is almost completely done with her split from real estate mogul Andrew Silverman. However — by no means does that mean Andrew is done with Simon! The X Factor judge better watch his back as he and Lauren go through this bitter time…

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