Top 10 Documentaries You Need to See

We’ve gathered 10 amazing documentaries, some old, some new. These docs are absolutely fascinating, covering topics that just don’t reach the mainstream. Check out their trailers below.

1. The Act of Killing

Mass murderers boast as they recreate their murders on camera. Veteran Indonesian paramilitary gangsters become film stars as they direct themselves in colorful and glorious murder scenes. This movie takes no prisoners. It kills them.

2. The Fog of War

Former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara burns, kills and talks about it. Inside the USA war machine like you have never seen it.

3. When We Were Kings

Mohammad Ali fights George Forman in the African jungle. Get a front row seat to the rumble in the jungle.

4. ChickenHawk

As their opponents try to kill them, the notorious North American Man Boy Love Association pedophiles unabashedly pick up boys and argue for no age of consent laws. For more details, see the films official website here.

5. 5 Broken Cameras.

A Palestinian peasant turns journalist gets his cameras shot under him by the Israeli army. Will the camera beat the rifle?

6. Heart of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse.

What is better than Apocalypse Now, Francis Ford Coppola’s best war movie ever? The story of its making. Shot in the jungle for over 4 years, it’s a battle you will never forget.

7. Man on Wire.

Watch the artistic crime of the century as a renegade acrobat sets to high-wire between the two World Trade Center towers. Pre 9/11, this insane Oscar winning thriller is stranger than fiction!

8. Happy People

Hunters in Siberia make “Survivor” and “Man vs. Wild” look like child’s play.

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9. Buck

A virtuoso cowboy takes on crazy wild horses in a master stroke of action, genius and heart.

10. Ambassador

Danish filmmaker bribes his way to diplomatic power , becoming a blood diamond smuggler in the Central African Republic. Go undercover on a dangerous ride.

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