WATCH: Kanye West Latest Rant on Corporation ‘Sell-Outs’

Kanye West speaks his mind once again. Check out his crazy speech at Pusha T’s album listening party. West calls out corporation sell-outs saying:

We don’t care how much money you make! We make good music!

According to Huffington Post, Pusha-T was the guest of honor at his “My Name Is My Name” album listening party Wednesday night in Brooklyn, but it was Kanye who was in the spotlight.

Miss Info’s Mikey Fresh transcribed West’s rant in full below:

Aye yo this Yeezy right now speaking to y’all. This the heart of the muthaf–king city, act y’all ain’t have that muthaf–king Clipse album and shit. Act like y’all ain’t base y’all whole shit, whole lifestyle off this n—a Pusha T. Everything is Pusha T. Pyrex Vision, that’s Pusha T. Fear of God, that’s Pusha T. This n—a the heart of the muthaf–king culture for you culture vultures. This the only n—a spitting that wild muthaf–king hip-hop shit right now, that’s why I stand next to this n—a. I don’t give a f–k about none of these corporations, none of these f–king sellouts, this muthaf–king Pusha T.
This is the f–k we make. We make good music, we make good music. We don’t give a f–k about how much god damn money you make, we make good music.

I’m a [admit I’m a little] off that Goose right now, I might get loose right now. We don’t give a f–k…..we don’t give a f–k. N—a this is that culture. This is that culture….for everybody stealing the culture, for all n—as trying to do their camo prints at MAGIC this is for f–king Pusha T.

All these n—s trying to extend their muthaf–king t-shirts, trying to throw numbers on the back of their shit….this muthaf–king Pusha T. “I have a t-shirt line, cause I got numbers at the back of my shit,” F–k you.

This DONDA, this [art director and photographer] Matt Williams, this [creative director and Been Trill boss] Virgil Abloh, this Ferris Bueller, this is muthaf–king Pusha T. I’m done.

If you think Kanye should've let Pusha-T keep the spotlight at his own party, share it!

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