WATCH: Michael Jackson Falls on his Butt in Last Photoshoot

Michael Jackson is notoriously light on his feet, but in his last photo shoot, this was not the case, as shown by TMZ. It’s okay, MJ. It’s nice to see that even the King of Pop got a little bit clumsy every now and then.

Michael Jackson Tribute: Top 10 Moonwalk YouTube Videos

From Celebrities to Pets to the Man Himself, we have the Top 10 Moonwalk YouTube videos right here. Watch the Michael Jackson tributes & bloopers. R.I.P. MJ.

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Happy 55th Birthday to Michael Jackson With 20 Hilarious Moonwalking Fan Photos

Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson! The King of Pop MJ would have been 55, so let's celebrate with some awesome moonwalking photos by fans and celebrities.

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