WATCH: Lady Gaga Performs ‘Venus’ & ‘Do What U Want’ on X Factor UK

Lady Gaga rocked the X Factor UK house tonight with two new songs from her latest album. Check out Gaga performing “Venus” and “Do What U Want.” With her “Venus” performance, Gaga dances around in a blonde wig and a seashell bikini. The song is okay, but when she takes off her wig to rock out with her song “Do What U Want,” things really heat up. As lasers stream across the stage, Gaga dances on top of a piano. At the end of it all, she gives a short interview about her new album “ArtPop.”

That’s right. Lady Gaga wasn’t the only performer on X Factor UK tonight. Boy band The Wanted also took the stage. Check out their performance in the below link.

WATCH: The Wanted Perform ‘Show Me Love’ on X Factor UK

The Wanted performed their new single "Show Me Love" on the X Factor UK tonight. Check out the video here.

Click here to read more

Oh, and in case you didn’t hear, Lady Gaga also stripped naked in a surprise performance at a London club. Check out the video below.

Gaga’s striptease occurs after her performance.

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