Liam Payne Mourns Grandfather on Tour: Funeral Today

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Sweet Liam Payne of boy band One Direction is in real pain this week over the loss of his grandfather, as reported by his Twitter fans.

Apparently, Liam can’t attend the funeral because he is on tour with the band and he appears to be heartbroken. Just minutes ago, Liam tweeted to his fans about what he’s going through.

Thankfully, fans are showing their support already. Read some of the caring tweets below:

On a lighter note, One Direction made a big announcement about 1D Day today. Find out the details using the below link:

WATCH: 1D Day Announcement by One Direction on Youtube

One Direction has announced that on November 23, 2013, it will be 1D Day. Find out all the details on what this means and watch their video announcement here!

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One Direction fans are so excited for 1D Day and they now have the opportunity to participate in the first 1D Day Challenge with "One Big Invention."

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1D Day Suggestions: Top Ideas for One Direction Inventions So Far

With the announcement of 1D Day by the One Direction boys, fans are eager to offer their ideas, aka #1DDAYSUGGESTIONS on Twitter. Check out the best ones here!

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