PHOTOS: Miley Cyrus Dating Liv Tyler’s Ex Theo Wenner?

Miley Cyrus apparently has a new boy toy and he’s not just an average guy either. According to Radar Online, Cyrus skipped out of her SNL after-party around 3 a.m. this weekend to meet up with Theo Wenner. Wenner is not only Liv Tyler’s ex, he’s also the son to the owner of Rolling Stone Magazine. Perhaps, Miley’s recent interview with the publication led to her meeting Wenner. After all, he did shoot her all-nude cover story.

In any event, the SNL after-party was at STK Midtown in NYC and Miley was seen texting Theo Wenner most of the evening. Around 3 a.m. Miley left the party, leaving all her friends, to supposedly meet up with Wenner. An eyewitness states:

She and her bodyguard then spent the next hour driving around the city, trying aggressively to lose about five paparazzi cars that were following her … Miley’s entourage even used a second Cadillac Escalade to block off the chasing paps. She eventually lost their tail and Miley sped off into the distance.

Finally, the two vehicles returned to Miley’s hotel, sans Miley. The eyewitness further reports:

A third car showed up and dropped off her bodyguard but there was no sign of Miley in any of the cars. She clearly had been dropped off somewhere to spend the night.

Well, it looks like Miley’s moving on from Liam Hemsworth, but she’s most likely playing the field right now.

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