American Music Awards 2013: AMAs Top 10 Highlights

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The American Music Awards 2013 was one for the books with performances from Justin Timberlake, One Direction, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and tons of other big names. Have a look at the Top 10 Highlights from the night below.

1. Katy Perry Opens the Night as a Geisha

WATCH: Katy Perry Performs ‘Unconditionally’ at AMAs 2013

Katy Perry opened the show for the 2013 American Music Awards tonight with her song "Unconditionally."

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Katy Perry opened the evening with an Asian-inspired performance on her song “Unconditionally.”

2. Rihanna Received the First Ever Icon Award

WATCH: Rihanna’s Icon Award Performance at the AMAs 2013

The sexy Rihanna gave a great performance tonight at the 2013 AMAs tonight after winning the Icon Award. Check out the hot video here.

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Rihanna was honored with the first Icon Award ever to be given out at the American Music Awards. As part of her acceptance she gave a performance of her song “Diamonds.”

3. Jennifer Lopez Performed a Tribute to Cuban Artist Celia Cruz

WATCH: Jennifer Lopez’s Celia Cruz Tribute at the AMAs 2013

Jennifer Lopez was amazing at the 2013 AMAs in a tribute to Cuban artist Celia Cruz. Check out her sensational performance here.

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Jennifer Lopez had three wardrobe changes, a powerful dance routine, and a fantastic singing performance all in one tribute to Celia Cruz. It was outstanding.

4. Taylor Swift Took Home Four Awards

Taylor Swift’s Hottest Photos from the 2013 AMAs

Taylor Swift won four awards tonight and looked seriously hot in a gold mini dress. Check out the sexiest photos of Swift from the 2013 American Music Awards.

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Taylor Swift didn’t perform at this year’s AMAs, but she won four awards to add to her huge collection at home. Plus, she looked hotter than ever in a gold, sparkly mini-dress. Justin Timberlake also took home several awards and gave a great performance.

WATCH: Justin Timberlake Performs at the AMAs 2013

Justin Timberlake. That's all we need to say. Check out his video performance from the 2013 AMAs right here.

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5. TLC Performed With a Special Guest

WATCH: TLC Performs ‘Waterfalls’ With Lil Mama at AMAs 2013

TLC performed tonight at the American Music Awards with a surprise guest ... Lil Mama, performing 'Waterfalls.' Check it out.

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TLC took it back old school with a performance of their song “Waterfalls.” Lil Mama, who plays “Left-Eye” Lisa from the group’s biopic film, filled in for the late Left-Eye and they even included some of their old signature moves.

6. One Direction Performed Their Latest Single

PHOTOS: One Direction’s Hottest Pics from the American Music Awards

One Direction performed their song "Story Of My Life" for the viewers of the American Music Awards. Check out their best photos here.

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Boy band One Direction performed their latest song “Story Of My Life” for the crowd. They also won two awards.

7. Lady Gaga Danced on the President’s Desk in the Oval Office

WATCH: Lady Gaga & R. Kelly’s ‘Presidential’ Performance at the AMAs 2013

Lady Gaga and R. Kelly performed their provocative song "Do What U Want" for the 2013 AMAs in the Oval Office tonight. Check out the performance video here.

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Well, sort of … President R. Kelly was in the office when Lady Gaga entered to perform their duet “Do What U Want.” At the end of it all, Kelly denied any involvement with Gaga and she finished the performance alone.

8. Pitbull & Kesha Performed Their New Song “Timber”

WATCH: Pitbull & Kesha Perform ‘Timber’ at the AMAs 2013

Pitbull and Kesha performed their awesome song "Timber" tonight at the 2013 AMAs. Check out their performance video here.

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Surrounded by sexy women, Kesha and Pitbull gave an energetic performance of “Timber,” which has a little country influence in its sound.

9. Lady Gaga Arrived to the Red Carpet on a Fake White Horse

AMAs 2013: Lady Gaga Arrives on Giant Fake Horse Named Maliah

Lady Gaga arrived at the 2013 AMAs on a giant white horse ... with human feet under it. Check out these photos of Lady Gaga and her horse "Maliah."

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Lady Gaga loves to make unusual entrances, so of course she rode in on a white horse named Maliah … a fake horse with human legs walking underneath it.

10. Miley Closed the Show with a Lip-Synching Kitten

AMAs 2013: Miley Cyrus Performs With Giant Lip-Synching Kitten

Miley Cyrus performed at the 2013 AMAs tonight ... with a giant kitten mouthing the word to "Wrecking Ball" behind her the whole time ...

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Of course, Miley brought a little something different to her performance of “Wrecking Ball.” As Miley passionately sang the song, a kitten on a screen in back of her mouthed the words. Oh, and Miley sported a serious camel toe … but we love Miley so it really doesn’t matter what she does …

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