‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Episode: Top 10 Predictions


Saturday, November 23, marks the 50th anniversary of everybody’s favorite Tardis-driving doctor, The Doctor. Tomorrow all over the world the BBC will premiere the special anniversary episode of Doctor Who, titled “The Day of the Doctor.”

Show runner Stephen Moffat is infamously tight-lipped, and devout Who fans know there will be surprises.

Here’s what we can predict for the most anticipated television event in the history of relative time and space.

1. Expect at Least Three Iterations of the Doctor

Today Stephan Moffat released “The Last Day: A mini-episode” with the description “First day on the front line? Time to attach a Headcam for a soldier’s point-of-view. What could possibly go wrong?”

Could this be a possible Cyberman origin story? And if so, what does it have to do with tomorrow’s episode?

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