WATCH: Lady Gaga & R. Kelly’s ‘Presidential’ Performance at the AMAs 2013

Lady Gaga and R. Kelly performed their sexy duet tonight at the AMAs 2013, singing their song “Do What U Want.” Lady Gaga starts off pretending to be a secretary for the American Music Awards until she’s interrupted by the President with a phone call from the Oval Office … President R. Kelly.

The two carry on a sexy performance surrounded by dancers. Lady Gaga gets tossed around by a lot of Secret Service agent dancers as R. Kelly dances on top of his presidential desk.

At the end of the performance, President Kelly denies his involvement with Gaga. Lady Gaga then climbs atop a piano to finish the song on her own.

See all the craziest photos from Gaga’s big night here, including her arrival by horse:

Lady Gaga’s Most Amazing Photos From the 2013 AMAs

Lady Gaga arrived to the AMAs on a horse, gave a provocative performance on President R. Kelly's desk, and more tonight. Check out the crazy pics.

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And for more American Music Awards performance videos and photos:

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WATCH: Rihanna’s Icon Award Performance at the AMAs 2013

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WATCH: Justin Timberlake Performs at the AMAs 2013

Justin Timberlake. That's all we need to say. Check out his video performance from the 2013 AMAs right here.

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