WATCH: Miley Cyrus & Giant Cat Perform ‘Wrecking Ball’ at the AMAs 2013

It’s Miley Cyrus … need I say more?

Miley performed “Wrecking Ball” tonight at the 2013 American Music Awards, closing out the show. Scantily clad in a one-piece bodysuit, Miley had a giant kitten on a screen mouthing all the words along with her behind her. Yep. And the cat wasn’t the only animal onstage … there was also a camel, or its toe, anyway, if you know what I mean.

Miley always gives us a good show. But the just-turned-21-year-old looked a bit tired, rasping like she’s been smoking too many cigs. Maybe she needs some time off to recuperate. We hope Miley gets her rest soon so she can continue to stun us like she always does.

miley cyrus amas 2013 kitty cat

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