Scott Mueller, Brooke’s Brother, Wins Guardianship of Charlie Sheen’s Sons

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The custody triangle between Denise Richards, Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen has now become a square. Brooke Mueller’s brother Scott has won temporary custody of the twins Bob and Max. Denise Richards will be giving up custody of Brooke and Charlie’s two sons after revealing she believes the boys need counseling and more care than she is able to give. She also fears for the safety of her daughters and pets.

TMZ has reported that DCFS has singed off on Scott Mueller attaining guardianship and he will be getting the children tonight. But it seems there’s a twist … a very sneaky twist. Scott will be moving in with his sister Brooke, so the children will actually be residing with their mother … Uh oh. Brooke has not been given full custody rights because of her drug use and erratic behavior, so this news is a shock. Apparently, Scott lives far away in a beachside community, so the judge ruled he could move in with Brooke.

Charlie Sheen Custody Rant: ‘Evil Nanny Will Die from Ugly’

Charlie Sheen is fuming at the thought of his children living with their mother Brooke Mueller and he has some choice words to share ... Winning!

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WATCH: Charlie Sheen’s Ex Brooke Mueller Smoking Crack

Charlie Sheen's ex Brooke Mueller is caught up-close on video, allegedly smoking crack and talking about a drug deal. Watch the very sad video here.

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