Emily Goodhand, Dean McDermott’s Mistress: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Emily Goodhand has come forward as Dean McDermott’s mistress and McDermott has confirmed the affair.

UPDATE 10-21-14: Viewers have watched the aftermath of McDermott’s cheating on wife Tori Spelling play out on their reality show True Tori in its first and now its second season. Spelling struggled with being a single parent while McDermott went to rehab for cheating, substance abuse, and being a pathological liar. We watched Spelling unravel as she battled through therapy with her husband, though she admitted she never asked him if there were other women, because she was afraid of what his answer would be. On season two of the reality show, Spelling finally looks at a photo of Emily Goodhand. The couple tries to move on with their lives, though the affair still weighs heavy on their relationship, as does their financial problems.

1. Goodhand Claims McDermott Said He Has a Sexless Marriage

Emily Goodhand, Emily Goodhand Dean McDermott, Dean McDermott Mistress Emily Goodhand, Dean McDermott Girlfriend Emily Goodhand, Dean McDermott Cheated on Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott Cheating on Tori Spelling

Dean McDermott is the husband of the famous Tori Spelling. For those in the reality TV world, you may have seen episodes of Tori & Dean’s Home Sweet Hollywood, or any of the other shows which showcase their lives as a couple together. According to Radar Online, McDermott coaxed Goodhand into accepting his advances by convincing her he was living in a sexless marriage.

2. It All Went Down While Dean Was Out of Town

Reportedly, McDermott was partying in Canada while his wife was attending a PR event. Supposedly, he met Goodhand and turned on the charm. Radar writes:

Goodhand revealed to Us Weekly magazine that on December 6 that they met at the Pravda Vodka House but it was after a long dinner and drinking in another bar with a group of friends that Spelling’s husband slipped his room key and a piece of paper with his phone and room numbers in her purse.

Goodhand describes the experience further saying:

She told the magazine that McDermott wasn’t in the room at Toronto’s Fairmont Royal York Hotel when she arrived, but as soon as she sent him a text threatening: “If you’re not here in five minutes I’m leaving,” he promptly returned to the room and the fling began.

Apparently, Goodhand decided to leave before the sun came up, but McDermott wanted to “cuddle”, so she stayed.

3. McDermott Tried to Show Goodhand a Sex Tape of His Wife?

After the one night stand Goodhand had with McDermott, she returned to his hotel room the next night, but the two did not have sex. Apparently, McDermott tried to show Goodhand a sex tape that he and Tori Spelling had made. Goodhand was not interested.

On an interesting note, there’s another woman named Emily Goodhand who is being mistaken for the woman who’s allegedly had sex with Dean McDermott. Check out the below tweets from the other Goodhand about the confusion.

4. Tori Spelling Still Has McDermott’s Heart

Something strange happened when McDermott and Goodhand allegedly got together. McDermott began to speak of his great love for his wife Tori, but apparently had the affair anyway. Goodhand says that McDermott told her:

I love my wife. I love her so much, but she just won’t sleep with me.

5. Dean McDermott & Tori Spelling’s Marriage Developed From an Affair

Both Dean and Tori were married to other people when they began dating, so they each got divorced and continued their relationship. Because they two cheated on their mates to be together, Tori Spelling has always had a fear that McDermott would cheat again … but this time on her. Previously in the media, Spelling has been quoted saying:

Given our history I often get worried that Dean is going to cheat on me. If the phone rings and it’s a girl’s voice I have to ask if he’s having an affair.

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