WATCH: Paul Walker Fans Catch Porsche Thieves on Video

Thanks to some awesome fans of the late Paul Walker, the thieves who tried to make off with a piece of the Porsche that took the life of the star, were caught red-handed. Check out this up close footage taken of the thieves in action.

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As the two thieves try to take parts of the burnt wreckage from a tow truck that’s stopped at a light, a devoted Paul Walker fan video tapes the whole thing and even yells at the two jerks. Bravo to the fan whose recording of this will make it easier to prosecute the two men. TMZ broke the story:

Cops were called and quickly arrested one of the suspects. The other man fled the state, but cops say they know who he is and expect the guy to turn himself in soon. The men will most likely be charged with felony grand theft and tampering with evidence — and if convicted, they could both face some serious jail time.

LISTEN: Paul Walker’s Emergency Dispatch Audio – ‘Dead on Arrival’

The emergency dispatch recording from Paul Walker's fatal crash has been released and the first responders pronounced Walker & Rodas as "dead on arrival."

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WATCH: Fast & Furious Family’s Paul Walker Tribute Video

The Fast & Furious family have put together a tribute video to honor Paul Walker. Grab your tissues as it shows us all the reasons we fell in love with the star from the very beginning.

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WATCH: Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell’s Emotional Visit to the Walker Home

Paul Walker's girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell is, of course, devastated by his death. Here is the video of Gosnell's emotional visit to the Walker home.

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PHOTOS: Paul Walker’s Deadly Car Crash Pics

Beloved Fast and Furious star Paul Walker has died in a horrifying car crash. These are the photos from the scene ... Brace yourself ... Our hearts break ...

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Paul Walker’s Cause of Death Announced: Results Are In

Paul Walker's cause of death has been determined. Read on for the details.

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