Vin Diesel Reveals ‘Fast and Furious 7′ Release Date & Final Scene With Walker

Vin Diesel has released the news we’ve all been waiting for on Facebook. The Fast and Furious 7 movie will be coming out April 10, 2015. But, that wasn’t the only thing Vin revealed online. Apparently, Walker had wanted the franchise’s dedicated Facebook fans to learn the news first, so that’s why it was announced the way it was … Also, Vin posts a photos of himself with Walker in the last scene they ever shot together before Walker’s tragic death.

Paul Walker Death Street: Residents Say ‘No’ to Naming the Road After Him

Fans, friends, and family are still mourning the loss of Paul Walker. Presently, there's a battle going on to change the name of the street where he died ...

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Paul Walker’s Family Holds Intimate Funeral at Forest Lawn Cemetery

Paul Walker's family and friends held an intimate service for him this afternoon at Forest Lawn Cemetery. Read on.

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PHOTOS: Cody Walker, Paul Walker’s Little Brother

Cody Walker is said to be replacing his big brother Paul in the final installment of the Fast & Furious series. Have a look at the best photos of Cody here.

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WATCH: Paul Walker Fans Catch Porsche Thieves on Video

When the car from Paul Walker's fatal crash was taken away, thieves actually tried to steal some of the wreckage, but Walker fans were there to catch them.

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LISTEN: Paul Walker’s Emergency Dispatch Audio – ‘Dead on Arrival’

The emergency dispatch recording from Paul Walker's fatal crash has been released and the first responders pronounced Walker & Rodas as "dead on arrival."

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