WATCH: The Beatles Perform at the 2014 Grammy Awards

The Beatles received a high honor for the 2014 Grammys as recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award. But that wasn’t all … Ringo Starr performed and started things off by performing solo, singing “Photographs” with images of The Beatles showing in the background.

But, in case you thought that was all, it isn’t … Paul McCartney took the stage, after being introduced by Julia Roberts, to sing his song “Queenie Eye,” joined by Ringo Starr on the drums.

But, what really made the night was seeing Yoko Ono grooving from her seat to the sounds of Paul and Ringo.

For more information on The Beatles’ win, click the below link:

Grammys 2014: Beatles Win Lifetime Achievement Award at Special Merit Awards

Yoko Ono and Ringo Starr had a ball accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award for The Beatles at the Pre-GRAMMYS' Special Merit Awards 2014.

Click here to read more

You can also view McCartney’s “Queenie Eye” music video here:

WATCH: Celebrities Take Over Paul McCartney’s ‘Queenie Eye’ Official Music Video

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss are just a couple of the dozens of celebrities appearing in Paul McCartney's new music video "Queenie Eye." Check it out here.

Click here to read more

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