Critics’ Choice Awards 2014: Forest Whitaker Receives the Joel Siegel Award

Forest Whitaker Joel Siegel Award 2014, Forest Whitaker Critics Choice Awards 2014, Forest Whitaker Receives Joel Siegel Award


Oprah Winfrey presented The Butler co-star Forest Whitaker with the Joel Siegel Award tonight at the Critics’ Choice Awards. She speaks of his humanitarian efforts, his caring nature, and commends his passion. Winfrey then introduces a short video in honor of Whitaker’s charitable efforts around the world.

An emotional Whitaker received a standing ovation from the crowd. Upon taking the stage, he seemed very soft-spoken. Whitaker proceeded to discuss his efforts to build peace and education in communities throughout the world.

As cameras panned across the audience, you could see Sandra Bullock getting a bit emotional and Tom Hanks say, “That was nice.”

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