WATCH: ‘Full House’ Reunion on Good Morning America

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The men of Full House have stopped by the set of Good Morning America to reunite on television, but this won’t be their only reunion … At the Super Bowl on Sunday, be sure to keep your eye peeled for their yogurt commercial together. It will make you nostalgic, giggle, and drool over Stamos as always.

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And, by the looks of things, the trio is still up to their same old tricks. Have a look at the below tweet Stamos posted about Bob Saget this morning before the show.

As the guys made their way onto the GMA set, they were approached by fans on a red carpet and stopped to take countless selfies with everyone they could.

Then, the guys sat down at the table with the GMA hosts and Dave Coulier proceeds to make a paper airplane as the show features the guys’ Super Bowl ad. After the commercial’s debut, John Stamos reveals his Dannon Oikos underwear to viewers, which everyone definitely appreciate.

Nineteen years later, the guys still had the same chemistry and talked about how they still hang out and get together quite often. Then, the guys plugged each other for the different projects they have going on besides the Super Bowl commercial. John Stamos has a movie coming out and Bob Saget was nominated for a Grammy and he has a book coming out.

Towards the end of their appearance, the guys took a bunch of “mirror pics” with Rihanna who happened to be a guest that day. Then, the guys participated in a Full House trivia game, where Stamos kept answering questions with “Rihanna” and “I love Rihanna.”

Now check out some of the best Twit pics from the guys’ appearance below:

Later on this morning, the three jokesters also appeared on The View.

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