WATCH: Sam Woolf’s Amazing American Idol Audition

Sam Woolf is the teen with the voice and guitar skills that make the judges swoon. But, the judges aren’t the only ones going nuts over his audition. Twitter is blowing up with hashtags honoring the young contestant. His Twitter is growing by the thousands as we speak … Check his audition out in the above video and join his new fan club.

WATCH: Harry Connick, Jr. Cradles American Idol Contestant Munfarid Zaidi

Harry Connick, Jr. makes interesting fan Munfarid Zaidi very happy ... Connick cradles the boy like a baby as Zaidi sings for his American Idol audition ...

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American Idol Season 13 Premiere: Top 10 Highlights & Recap

American Idol's back with new changes, amazing singers, and funny antics from the judges. Check out some of the auditions and best highlights from the premiere.

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Americal Idol Season 13 Spoilers, Previews, & Video Footage

The premiere of American Idol, season 13, is upon us and we've got a bunch of your questions answered as well as some spoilers for you.

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