Nicholas Elmi Wins Top Chef – Season 11 Finale

Tonight, it was down to Nicholas Elmi from Philadelphia and Nina Compton from Miami, but it was Nicholas Elmi who won the title of Top Chef on the season 11 finale in Hawaii. And, don’t forget about that $125,000 prize.

The challenge tonight was having each contestant taking over a restaurant and making a four course menu for their guests, one of whom was the amazing Chef Morimoto. Many know him from the show Iron Chef. During the finale, Nicholas actually has a freak out moment that the judges heard from the dining room … Oops. Nina on the other hand, spoke a great deal about her late father and what he means to her cooking.

After the airing of the finale, the final two contestants are appearing on Watch What Happens Live with host Andy Cohen. In addition, according to Philly.com, cast-mate Jason Cichonski, is hosting a viewing party at his new bar, The Gaslight in Philadelphia, should anyone in the area be interested.

And, just for a fun fact, both of the Top Chef finalists come from the same culinary education at A.O.S Culinary Arts, C.I.A.

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