Super Bowl Commercials 2014: Top 10 Best TV Ads

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It’s the 2014 Super Bowl and we’ve got the Top 10 Best Commercials for you right here. As we all know, companies pay millions of dollars for an ad slot during the Super Bowl, so their commercials better be good, right? Have a look at the best game day ads from this year’s selection, featuring big name celebrities, angry bears, lovable pups, and muppets.

1. Ellen DeGeneres as Goldilocks for Beats Music

David Beckham in his underwear … That’s all I have to say … It’s all about covered or uncovered as fans vote on whether Beckham will have his underwear on or off in this ad. Hmm … What do you think they voted for?

Check out the teaser for the Super Bowl ad above, while we wait for the full ad.

And, just for fun, I’ll add one more … How could we forget about the Seinfeld Reunion? Check out the commercial below:

Oh, and another one we couldn’t leave out … U2!

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