WATCH: Aiden Dies on ‘Teen Wolf’ Finale & Kate Argent Returns

It was the season finale of Teen Wolf tonight and a member of the wolf pack has died. Have a look at the moment when beloved twin Aiden, played by Max Carver, gets killed off the show.

Fans are overwhelmed with sadness and have already started the Twitter trend #RIPAiden.

Just last week another big character on the show was killed off, so Teen Wolf fans have had it a little rough this season. You can read more about the other death on the show by clicking the below link:

WATCH: Allison Argent Suddenly Dies on ‘Teen Wolf’

The character of Allison Argent on MTV's "Teen Wolf" has suddenly been killed off. Fans are devastated and are in mourning. Have a look at Argent's last moment.

Click here to read more

As for further details on the Teen Wolf finale, Kate Argent comes back and the show will return on June 23, 2014. Have a look at Argent’s appearance in the below video clip:

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