VIDEO: Channing Tatum Sends a Kiss to Brain Cancer Teen

Channing Tatum put together a little video for stage 4 brain cancer teen Alisa Finley. When Finley put getting a kiss from Channing Tatum at the top of her bucket list, Tatum was happy to help. He put together a minute long video that starts off by wishing her well and blowing her a kiss. Then it cuts to Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum after the Oscars. The couple sings Pharrell’s “Happy” to the camera in hopes of keeping the cancer-ridden teen in high spirits. Oh, and Emma Roberts pops up in the background, so keep your eyes peeled.

Even after Tatum’s video, though, Alisa Finley doesn’t consider this completely crossed off her bucket list … She wants the real thing. Hey, doesn’t every girl?



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