Dexter Roberts, ‘American Idol’ Contestant: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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This Alabama boy is doing very well on American Idol this season. Let’s get to know Dexter Roberts through these 5 Fast Facts.

1. He’s a Jack of All Trades

Apparently, Dexter is a man of many talents. Wetpaint reports:

Dexter said during the show, he’s a farmhand, tractor driver, and works for his friend’s dog kennel business, Bang Bang, Flop Flop, back in Alabama.

2. You Can Get “Dexterfied”

If you’re a Dexter Roberts fan, you can get “Dexterfied” and purchase one of these shirts with Dexter’s signature on it. Check it out.

3. Dexter Likes to Hunt

Dexter has a lot of photos of him hunting with buddies, but he’s not the only American Idol contestant who loves to hunt. Fellow cast member Jessica Meuse is also a big fan of hunting. Have a look at Meuse out hunting in the photo below.

4. Country Is Dexter’s Signature

Dexter Roberts is a country singer. In fact, Florida Georgia Line sent Dexter a video message after he performed their hit song “Cruise” on American Idol. Check out the video clip of Roberts singing the country hit.

5. He Loves His Pooches

Roberts has put up many photos of himself with his dogs and just ones of the dogs themselves. Working for his friend’s kennel, he certainly loves his four-legged friends.

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