WATCH: ‘How I Met Your Mother’s’ Top 5 Best Musical Moments

The cast of How I Met Your Mother may be saying goodbye tonight, but their many musical moments will stay in our memories forever. Have a look at the Top 5 Best Musical Moments from the series for a look back on why we all will miss this show.

1. Robin Sparkles’ “Let’s Go To The Mall”

Let’s go back to the second season of How I Met Your Mother for “Let’s Go To The Mall,” a classic Robin Sparkles single. Warning: You will be singing this song for days after listening to it … whether you want to or not.

And just for fun, enjoy a bonus video from Robin Sparkles below – “Sandcastles In The Sand.”

2. Barney’s Suit Song

Don’t ask Barney to choose between a woman and his suits. Check out this outstanding musical number from season 5 and it will make you fall in love with How I Met Your Mother all over again.

3. Marshall’s “Best Night Ever”

Have you ever had an amazing night and just felt the need to sing about it? Well, Marshall did. Enjoy his song “Best Night Ever”!

4. The “Bang Bang Bangity Bang” Song

The “Bang Bang Bangity Bang” song has graced us a couple times on How I Met Your Mother. Here’s not one, but two renditions of the awesome moments dedicated to the hilarious tune.

5. “La Vie En Rose”

For the first time, Ted hears his future wife sing. This may not be a humorous song like the rest, but it’s very meaningful. Enjoy.

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