WATCH: Justin Bieber’s Junk Blocked in New Jail Peeing Video

Justin Bieber is caught peeing on camera, compliments of the Miami police in yet another video. Yesterday, this same video was released at a different angle, which you can view in the below link:

WATCH: Justin Bieber Jail Video – Peeing in a Cup or Two

The police are continuously releasing video footage of The Biebs in jail and now they've released a video of him peeing in a cup ... well, two cups to be exact.

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In the version playing above, however, Bieber’s penis is blocked by a big black bar so that at least a little bit of his privacy is respected … Guess you could say that the Biebs got “cock-blocked” … ?

PHOTOS: Justin Bieber’s Shirtless Jail Pics – All His Tattoos

Justin Bieber's jail photos have been released. Have a look at all the shirtless pics and body photos Bieber had to take to show the cops his many tattoos.

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