Derek McAllister, aka Rapper Speaker Knockerz Found Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Derek McAllister, known as Rapper Speaker Knockerz, has reportedly been found dead. He was an unsigned artist, but his videos on YouTube range from over 200,000 to over 3 million views. Read on for what we know.

1. Rapper Speaker Knockerz Was Reportedly Found Dead

The 19-year-old rapper has reportedly been found dead, according to Elevator Magazine. He was supposed to appear at a night spot called Club Ambition tomorrow for an appearance, but is said to have passed away. WIS TV reports:

Derek McAllister, AKA Speaker Knockerz, was found deceased Thursday inside his garage at his home on Two Notch Road, Coroner Gary Watts said. No foul play is suspected.

PHOTOS: RIP Speaker Knockerz – Remembering the Rapper

Rapper Speaker Knockerz has reportedly been found dead. Have a look at some of the beloved artist's photos here.

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2. He Had Apparently Been Missing For Several Days

The rapper’s last Twitter post was on March 4, 2014, which is supposedly the last day that he was seen or heard from. See the rapper’s last tweet below:

Billboard reports that:

A Facebook user who identified herself as the rapper’s mom said he was last seen Tuesday night while in a black Camaro. “It’s not like him not to communicate or come home for this long period of time,” Mesha Wilson reportedly wrote. “I pray that my son is ok.”

3. The Cause of Death Is Rumored to Be a Heart Attack

Elevator Magazine is reporting the following:

We are hearing the unfortunate news that 19 year old Speaker knockerz has passed away. His death is being reported as an apparent heart attack.

WIS TV, on the other hand, has not listed a heart attack as the cause of death. However, they have released this information:

An autopsy conducted Friday morning showed no sign of trauma and results are pending toxicology and other studies, Watts said. The Richland County Coroners Office and Sheriffs Department continue to investigate.

4. His Mother Has Been Asking Followers for Their Prayers

The rapper’s mother Mesha Wilson made several Facebook posts trying to find her son, asking for prayers, and thanking supporters. The posts have since been removed or, at least, can not be seen on her profile. However, a new post leads many to believe that Speaker Knockerz has, in fact, passed away. You can view the post in the above tweet.

5. #RIPSpeakerKnockerz Is Trending on Twitter

There have been an outpouring of tweets in response to the news that Derek McAllister may be dead. Have a look at some of the tweets posted by fans.

PHOTOS: RIP Speaker Knockerz – Remembering the Rapper

Rapper Speaker Knockerz has reportedly been found dead. Have a look at some of the beloved artist's photos here.

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    • Rip derrick I never met you but your music hit me cause it is real u will never be forgotten I’m a start a campaign for you lil homie # rip sk.

  1. First Snupe, now him. So many young rappers dying. Dead or not, ima’ keep boppin’ his music rest in peace.

  2. Thats kind of creepy i think it is something being covered up havent quite put my finger on it yet but the truth will be revealed w.e done in the dark will come to the ligh…safe travels brother 💘😭

  3. That some mess up stuff there.I wonder wat killed him.I send prayers to his mother and family. R.I.P Speaker Knockers.Shout out to the song Freak How.

  4. Never had a christmas with gifts. Wish i could enjoy shopping someday. Feel like im not here on earth but i guess i will keep pushin myself. I cry but you cant here me cuz my teats drip on my pillow at night when i tuck myself in. I wish i can have a good chritmas

  5. Just found out they found him dead on my B-DAY. MARCH 6. My favorite songs by him is Freak Hoe, Dance, Scared Money, Flexin n Finessin, n Dap U Up

  6. They know who Killed him it’s in his last song that’s why he probably wrote it his close friends became his worse enemies

  7. Man its so fucking sad… rest easy speaker knockers. Many people out there werr impacted by your music… rip my friend loved ur art… too sad

  8. I’m late but I was just listening to one of his sonmgs #FreakHoe that’s my song but all these young rappers just starting and next thing you know they either on the news or missing that’s fucked up😢😢😢😭😭 #R.I.P. #SpeakerKnockers

  9. Rip speaker knockerz dap u up annoying erica Kane how could you yo racks lonely I like all yo songs but those are my favorite that I listed

  10. #RipSpeakerKnockerz💕😘
    gone too soon !
    Gone but never ever forgotten !!😭😭💕😘🌟
    RestInParadise 💕😘😘🌟
    Fly high 😭💕😘👼


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