True Detective Finale ‘Form & Void:’ Top 5 Predictions
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True Detective Finale ‘Form & Void:’ Top 5 Predictions

(Facebook/ True Detective)

(Facebook/ True Detective)

Few shows have sparked more intrigue and frustration than HBO’s new hit show True Detective. The show’s eighth and final episode of the season, “Form and Void” premieres on Sunday March 9. Here are some predictions for the big finale, some are my own, and some are popular one floating around the internet, including on True Detective’s own subreddit.

Here is what might happen:

1. The ‘Yellow King’ Is the Organization

(True Detective/Facebook)

(True Detective/Facebook)

There is no doubt that the lawnmower/caretaker of the schools is behind at least some of the pagan murder and carnage in the show, however by now it’s very clear something bigger is going on. If there is a massive cover up and a vast organization of clergy, law enforcement, politicians, and rich people, then my guess is that this organization is the actual mysterious and elusive “Yellow King.”

There is the possibility that the pagan murders are being carried out by the caretaker, but the drugging and molestation of school children that the detectives uncovered last episode, could be a much larger operation carried out for profit between the cooperation of the schools, church, and state police.

2. Marty’s Kids Were Victims


There are a couple of times there have been indication that Marty’s kids have been victims of the same sort of treatment that male prostitute encountered as a school boy. The first indication was the drawing, which you can see above. After seeing it in his daughter’s notebook Mary even says, “where did she even learn about that.” Not to mention, look at the bottom of the man’s chin. Many believe it is an indication that he is wearing a mask, but couldn’t it also be the scars of the caretaker? Remember, another young girl chased through the woods has also described him as a “spaghetti monster.”

3. Marty or His Family Has a Secret

(True Detective/Facebook)

(True Detective/Facebook)

There has been a lot of talk about whether or not Mary’s father-in-law (Maggie’s dad) is in on the whole scheme because of his high up position in society and his dispute with Marty in the first episode. If that was true, some conspiracy theorists have even wondered if Maggie slept with Rust for the sole purpose of creating a rift between the detectives so they won’t get to the bottom of the case.

There has been even more suspicion that perhaps Marty himself is in on it, and could even be the “Yellow King” because of his blonde hair.

4. Cohle Will Die

(True Detective/Facebook)

(True Detective/Facebook)

Cohle has nothing in the world besides drinking, and he’s been talking way too much about nihilism to get out of this season alive. If this organization or plot is really as well contacted as he believes it is, how on Earth does he plan on bringing them down without getting killed himself?

5. Gilbough & Papania Are Trying to Frame Them

Since the very beginning of the show, these two younger cops have been interview Rust and Cohle with the suspicion that Rust is behind the new string of pagan murders. The big question is, are they in on it, or are they just trying to do their job? If you believe any of the other predictions here, it’s not a stretch to believe these other two cops are out to frame Rust and Cohle to get them out of the picture.

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