WATCH: The Hemsworth Brothers Spoof ‘Charlie Bit Me’ on Kimmel

In his annual “After the Oscars” special, Jimmy Kimmel adapts popular YouTube videos into big budget movies.

The first one he debuted was “Bitman Begins” based on the “Charlie Bit Me” phenomenon.

To help him replicate the British brothers’ YouTube sensation, he enlisted the aide of real-life Australian brothers and actors, Chris and Liam Hemsworth.

In the opening scene, Chris Hemsworth laments, “His teeth were like razors.”

“Son, it’s time you let go, it’s been 30 years,” pipes up Meryl Streep who played their mother.

“I will find him, and I will destroy him,” promised Hemsworth.

The scene cuts to Liam in prison, where Tom Hanks warns him, “He is coming for you.”

“Then let him come,” replied Liam.

In the last scene, the brothers are reunited and fighting on the roof of a building.
“I trusted you,” screamed Chris.

“I was only a child,” retorted Liam.

“You were an animal, look at my hand!” Chris yells.

“He wants mercy after what he did, Charlie bit me! Charlie bit my finger!!” he continues.

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