Ice Cube’s Top 5 Movie Roles

Ice Cube

Some know him as one of the hardest, grimiest and realest MC’s to ever emerge from the West Coast. Others know him better as the entertaining actor who’s been featured in some of the funniest and action-packed films to ever be released. But everyone knows by his government name and rapper alias – O’Shea Jackson, otherwise known as Ice Cube.

We’re huge fans of his discography, but we’re even bigger fans of everything that’s he’s accomplished on the big screen. We’re going to honor the always grimacing MC by counting down the five best movie roles that Ice Cube has ever done.

5. Detective James Payton in Ride Along

Ride Along

Ice Cube is known for being featured in a variety of films that put him next to a comedic co-star. Ride Along followed that trend and put Ice Cube in the role of a hard nosed detective who partnered up with a hilarious partner – Kevin Hart. Cube played the battle-ready, badass police man role to perfection as he sported his angry face and doled out his own brand of justice. Kevin Hart was hilarious in his role as well, which made this buddy cop film one of the best comedic examples of Ice Cube’s onscreen chemistry with comedians.

4. Calvin Palmer in Barbershop (series)

Barbershop Ice Cube

The Barbershop films were filled with several recognizable comedians, MC’s and actors whom Ice Cube had a great rapport with. Cube filled his position well as the owner of a barbershop who’s down on his luck and looking to get some cash sooner rather than later. Cube made us love him in both films as we watched him grow from a greedy business owner into a humble man who knew how beneficial his barbershop was to the community. We laughed, we cried and we were thankful to see Cube star in two installments of this comedy series.

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3. SSgt. Chief Elgin in Three Kings

Ice Cube 3 Kings

Cube made for a great onscreen soldier in this action film that also starred George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg. The whole premise of this film (three military men seek to recover a collection of gold during the 1991 Iraqi uprising) was fun to follow and the the film’s three lead stars all worked together perfectly. Cube performed well as he got down and dirty as a soldier on the gruesome and always hazardous battlefield. Seeing Cube with an automatic weapon in hand sporting his infamous angry mug fit him well. Watching his war time exploits onscreen was a crazy to witness, but fun to follow.

2. Craig Jones in Friday (series)

Ice Cube Friday

“C’mon Craig. Get up, Craig.” Heroic words for a heroic man who was engaged in battle with the neighborhood bully. The Friday movies are some of the funniest urban comedies we’ve ever seen. Ice Cube picked the right choice of comedians and up and coming Black actors needed to bring us into the ghetto and it’s daily (and humorous) events. We loved the 1st one, fell in love with the sequel and had a great time spending the holidays with Craig and company. It’s about damn time that Cube got the whole crew back together for another Friday. Ice Cube, Chris Tucker and Mike Epps all together in the same film needs to happen ASAP!

1. Darin “Doughboy” Baker in Boyz n the Hood

Boyz N The Hood

John Singleton’s greatest claim to fame is this amazing drama that gave movie goers an inside look into the harrowing situations that young Black teens deal with every day. Ice Cube perfectly embodied his position as the film’s super tough, street smart and attitude filled Darin “Doughboy” Baker. Boyz n the Hood was a powerful film that makes us stop everything we’re doing once it comes up on BET after midnight. Watching Cube as a youngster growing up in the rough and tumble streets of California is a memory we and other fans will never forget. RIP, Doughboy.

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