Kiernan Shipka, aka ‘Sally Draper’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Kiernan Shipka has literally grown up before our eyes. Last season, the world watched her take her first drag of a cigarette as Sally Draper on Mad Men.

It’s no surprise she’s growing up so fast on screen, being that she’s the daughter of dysfunctional parents, Don and Betty.

Vulture put it best
when they said that Sally “has remained a firecracker, unafraid to sneak out of her house, roll her eyes at damn near anybody, and call out her friends when they’re putting on airs.”

As the premiere of Season 7 is upon us, let’s learn more about the girl who won one of the most coveted child roles in Hollywood.

1. She Moved to L.A. at 6 Years Old

Kiernan Shipka, mad men new, john hamm daughter


The Chicago native started her career as a child model.

At 6, she traveled far from home to start off her career on television.

She said, “I was 6 years old when I came out here (to L.A.) for pilot season originally, and that’s around the time that we mostly made the move.”

Her real-life parents realized the mature nature of Mad Men and put a limit on her watching her own show.

She told Dose:

I definitely wasn’t allowed to watch it at the beginning, because I was only 6, and I feel you have to kind of start the show from the beginning. So, when the show ends, I’m planning on kind of having my own Mad Men marathon.

With this season being the last, Shipka, who is now 14, knows she will feel the void of playing Sally.

She told Chicago Tribune:

It definitely feels like it’s ending. I think it’ll feel that way more once we get back, because it’ll truly be the last of everything, and it’s sad!

If will be difficult for her to say goodbye to a role she grew up playing. She told Vulture:

I feel like it will really sink in the last time I ever play Sally, and they say “cut,” and then it will be like, Oh my God, that is the last time I’ll ever speak through Sally Draper. I haven’t really been thinking about it that much, but I assume I’ll shed some tears.

2. She Smoked & Drank On Screen

She plays a child psychologist who gets visits from child stars like Nolan Gould from Modern Family and Danielle Fishel from Boy Meets World.

On the series, she starts with, “I’m not just an actor on Men Men, I’m also the only therapist focusing exclusively on child actors.”

It’s based on the notion that she’s qualified to be a therapist through her work on the drama.

4. She’s a High School Senior Even Though She’s Only 14

The actress never took a summer break, and is enrolled in Laurel Springs, an independent study program that’s entirely online.

She said, “It’s just a different work schedule, so I can get done with it faster.”

As far as college plans go, she plans to start off online, and then maybe enroll in college.

She said:

I don’t know if I’ll ever be the Doogie Howser! Just going in there super young and people looking at me weird? I feel like that would be kind of strange.

5. She’s a Foodie Who Dines Out With Lorde

Her Instagram page is filled with photos of her at restaurants with friends, like Lorde, above. There are also tons of shots of every kind of food, from sushi to French toast.

An interviewer asked her about her fascination, and she said, “But yeah, my Instagram is basically food. In the comments, people are like, “You just eat? Is that your only thing?”

It comes as no surprise that she also spends her free time watching food on TV. She dished to Dose, “And then I’m also kind of addicted to the Food Network channel. I can watch that show for hours. It’s really addictive.”

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