Kurt Cobain’s Daughter, Frances Bean Cobain: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Frances Bean Cobain is Kurt Cobain’s 21-year-old daughter. She has definitely taken after her father as she’s a burgeoning artistic talent in Los Angeles. In April 1994, when her father committed suicide in Seattle, Frances was less than two-years-old. One week previous she last saw her father at a rehab center he was going to in Marina Del Ray, California. Her life since then has certainly been interesting.

Here’s what you need to know about her:

1. Frances is Engaged to an Indie Rocker

She’s engaged to Isaiah Silva. He’s the lead singer of indie-band The Rambles. They’ve been together since January 2010 and got engaged in October 2011. The band have not been very active since February 2013.

2. She Goes by the Name ‘Fiddle Tim’ For Her Art Career

Frances is a talented artist. Her first show was in July 2010 when she debuted a collection called Scumfuck. For the show she went by the pseudonym of “Fiddle Tim.” In one of her first interviews in January 2006 to i-D magazine she went by this name. Her first participation in an art show under her given name in August 2012. The show was called Mixtape. For it, artists were asked to pick a song and create an artistic expression based on it. Her song was Black by The Jesus and Mary Chain.

3. She Turned Down Tim Burton

Frances Bean Cobain Emma Roberts

Frances pictured with Emma Roberts in 2006. (Getty)

It had been reported back in 2009 that she turned the role of Alice in Tim Burton’s big budget Alice in Wonderland movie. The tabloids said that she wanted to focus on her education and attend Bard College in Manhattan to study art. There were also unsubstantiated claims from Courtney Love that she turned the role of Bella in the Twilight series of movies.

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4. Frances’ 16th Birthday Party Was Suicide Themed

Frances Bean Cobain Courtney Love


Her 16th birthday party in 2008 attracted media attention as it was suicide themed. The bash was held at Los Angeles’ famed House of Blues. It was paid for by her mother. The idea behind the suicide theme came from her belief that her childhood was dead. The indie band Mindless Self Indulgence performed at the party.

5. She’s Worth $170 Million

According to CBS News, this comes from her 37% stake of Kurt Cobain’s $450 million estate. In 2010, she became legally allowed to control her fortune. By way of celebrating, she bought a Spanish styled villa in West Hollywood for, according to Zillow, $1.8 million. $65,000 less than what the four bedroom house was first listed for.

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