Victoria Pratt, Trace Adkins’ Mistress? 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Apparently, a fling with a woman named Victoria Pratt is what supposedly caused Trace Adkins’ marriage to crumble.

1. It Started as a “Twitter Flirtation”

Radar Online reports that The National Enquirer has a new story coming out about an online relationship country star Trace Adkins supposedly has with a younger Victoria Pratt.

PHOTOS: Victoria Pratt – All the Pictures You Need to See

Victoria Pratt is allegedly the reason for Trace Adkins' divorce. Have a look at the Canadian actress' best pics.

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2. Pratt Was His Biggest Fan on the Celebrity Apprentice

When Trace Adkins was on the Celebrity Apprentice, Victoria Pratt apparently sent out very flirtacious tweets, rooting him on. Radar Online reports:

When filming wrapped and he went on to star on All Star Celebrity Apprentice, Pratt was his biggest fan, eagerly tweeting recaps of the show, with flirty jibes aimed at Adkins. Soon it seems, Adkins’ wife may have become aware of their flirtation. “My Old Lady just gave me a mean look,” he tweeted on April 21. Pratt responded saucily, “Bahaha!! You’re lucky that’s all she gave you!!!”

After Adkins won the Celebrity Apprentice, Pratt sent a congratulatory tweet and Adkins supposedly wrote back, “Thanks, gorgeous! MWAH.”

3. Trace Adkins Took Pratt to the Stage Coach Music Festival

Apparently, five days after some scandalous tweets, Trace Adkins took Pratt to the Stage Coach music festival in Indio, California as his guest of honor. She reportedly watched him from backstage and when fans asked her if she and her friend were groupies, Pratt replied, “Yes.” Apparently, Trace’s wife Rhonda was livid. Radar Online quotes a source who said:

Rhonda was totally humiliated. When Trace told her that he had fallen in love with Victoria Pratt, she completely flipped out. Victoria became Trace’s fantasy sex partner, and he talked constantly about how much he loved her. Adding insult to injury, Rhonda was told that Trace would compare his sexual experiences with her to fantasies of what it would be like with Victoria!

4. Pratt Is a Canadian Actress

Victoria Pratt is in showbiz as well as an actress from Canada. In fact, Adkins and Pratt met while filming The Virginian in the spring of 2013. You can check out the movie trailer in the above video clip. In addition to acting, Pratt also is putting together her first novel.

5. Rhonda Adkins Filed For Divorce a Week Ago

Trace’s wife Rhonda filed for divorce on March 24, 2014, after almost 17 years of marriage, citing “irreconcilable difference,” according to TMZ. While many speculated that it was Trace’s insobriety that caused the couple to crumble, perhaps it was his relationship with Pratt. Rhonda and Trace Adkins have three daughters together.

PHOTOS: Victoria Pratt – All the Pictures You Need to See

Victoria Pratt is allegedly the reason for Trace Adkins' divorce. Have a look at the Canadian actress' best pics.

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    • She may be a tramp — but we didn’t see him walking away from her!! He’s just as much at fault as Pratt is. If a marriage is dead — there usually isn’t anything that can revive it.

  1. I second that, why do women mess with married men…Happy or not slut women go after troubled marriages and finish the deal…………If you were a real women you would wait for the marrage to self destruct before lapping up the left overs……….disgusting slut

  2. Im sure just from the gossip your faultering career shall be helped……but really now
    you wont be the next ms. atkins most failed marrages go thru at least 2 sluts before really getting ready to be monagomous……….you will be known as less than of a women who should have never stepped in and should have turned down any advances thrown your way……..
    you will be know as the left over of his rebounds for another man to pick up and
    throw away , thats usually how loose women are treated and pass around as cheep piece…..

  3. It saddens me that Mr. Adkins could fantasize about this trollop when his wife was going through so much. He was perceived to be a loving and strong man; yet when his family needed him he was with other individuals that fed his ego. Still love the guy for his singing talent but I am very disappointed with him as a real man. Hope he grows up before he loses all.

    • I agree, it is very sad that he puts a fantasy before his loving family and wonderful wife who has supported him and made his career through all these years. I think he should be ashamed of himself and should learn from this and don’t get into another relationship and mistreat them like this eventally. How very, very sad.Love his music but very disappointed in him. Behave yourself Trace.

  4. Feel so bad that this happened to Rhonda. Trace Adkins is a wonderful singer and his fans loved him, but seems like that was not enough for his ego. Rhonda helped him get started with his career. So much for loyalty. I am so disappointed in Trace that he let that little slut break up his marriage. Just a horrible tragedy for his wife and darling little girls. One day he will wake up and realize what he gave up but it will probably be too late.

  5. I am not shocked about this at all. While he was on The Apprentice, there was something about him that came off as phony, the, oh shucks I’m just a country boy who is a real gentleman. Right.

  6. Victoria Pratt is a married woman why did she mess with him knowing he was married and had three children.I use to like her ,but now she’s just a a sleaze ,her husband claim that it was all a mistake that she was not involved with him,how blind is he.I feel sorry for Trace ,he had a good wife and three beautiful daughters and a nice home and he pissed it away,the concert in Meridian Mississippi I could tell he was down ,he wasn’t himself that night he held his head down a lot ,but the show was still good and I spent to much money before knowing about the divorce going on.I thought he was a better man than that,boy was I disappointed.

  7. Shame on both. Why tell your wife about your fantasies with another woman. Love his music but should have stayed with his wife. Pratt shame on you